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  1. WoW Venue importance
    30 Dec, 2016
    WoW Venue importance
    ​WOW …. Is the reaction your are looking for. The fundamental aspect of picking a venue that caters to your event Is vital in the process of making your event a success. Its not enough to decorate a venue and make it as beautiful as possible because without the right venue the décor can be easily looked over.  Before you search and pick a venue there's  a number of areas you need to cover : * Budget * Number of attendees * Type of event Once you touch base with the relatively simple
  2. Top 2016 Event Décor trends
    16 Nov, 2016
    Top 2016 Event Décor trends
    ​Top 2016 Events & Décor trends 2016 has been a very exciting year for the establishment of new trends that have been proven to work amazingly with a wide range of events. Fyness has kept a close eye on these still developing trends that undoubtedly will be part of our fast approaching 2017. A new year which we are sure will be packed with new and innovative ideas and WE SIMPLY CAN NOT WAIT ! ​This year has been a great one for a number of trends, beginning with : ​1- Long Tables : The
  3. an example of the effect lighting can have on your venue and your event
    06 Oct, 2016
    Why Lighting
    Importance of lighting at my event Mood , Décor and a variety of venue lighting all turn an ordinary looking venue into a perfect and magical experience, and with good reason. Different lighting themes create different moods and service different aspects of an event.
  4. Why Bespoke
    22 Sep, 2016
    Why Bespoke
    Why bespoke ? Not a term to be used lightly that's why here at Fyness you are made to feel like the most important client in the world, there’s the fact that you will obtain something which is crafted for you & only you by us. No one else has anything like it, and there is the decadence of owning something so fine, that it looks better the more you look at it. Why Bespoke ?  ​Why my event. Your Bespoke event Décor should be and is only for you, Thus with Fyness we provide the platinum package